About your private guide in Rome
Pictures of me from different life stages

A few words and pictures about Giorgia Cadinu and her life as tour guide in Rome…the eternal city…the Italian capital…the Vatican city…

What I do

I am a tour guide specialized in private tours. Your personal relationship with the Eternal City is very important to me. My creativity, empathy and my passion make my guided tours special. Families, couples, friends, colleagues and individuals have different needs.

My cultural origins

Born in Tuscany from Sardinian-Czech couple, I lived in Prato (Tuscany), Porto Ottiolu (OT), Olbia (both in Sardinia), Genoa, Colchester (Vermont, U.S.A.), Mons (Belgium), Krakow (Poland), Rotholz (Austria), Bisceglie (Apulia, deep South of Italy), Milan and Berlin (Germany).

My art studies

I’ve always been fascinated by literature and arts, so much that by the age of 6 I wanted to be a poet. I tried to widen my University studies as much from literature to visual art to get a better understanding of art structures and networks, to master images, words, sounds, stories to build a piece of art in itself.

My guide choices

I have worked in the world of art and culture since I was young from cultural events, translations, tours of International artists through Europe to guided city tours. I chose to live, love and tell Rome because it’s my eternal muse and inspiration source as tour guide and person.

I grounded my world here and I made my humanistic studies permanent to share the passion and creativity I have, the beauty and stories that surround me with you to make your Roman holiday unique.

My value as private guide

My extroversion, my empathy and above all my passion for the city have always helped me to give funny, inspiring and memorable private guided tours in and out of Rome. I study almost everyday to give you back a piece of the city to love on your own.

Giorgia Cadinu is a state qualified  official guide, registered in the list of the Region Lazio, she has renew the license for the Vatican for 2022; she got a master’s degree in foreign literature and cultures with historical orientation and a specialization on art history, semantics and lexicology. Her University degree thesis analyses a cultural historical impact of a foreign music genre. In the years 2014-2020 she made several specialization courses in Italy and abroad as a tour guide and in art history to keep herself updated.