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Bike tour along the tiber picture from a bridge
Our bike tour goes on the right bank of the blond Tiber where one of the major bike lanes of Rome runs from south northward across the heart
Giorgia at Janiculum hill for the christmas virtual tour
It's Christmas Eve, clouds come and go in the sky. We stay home and thanks to the request of my professional association I made a short video to wish you all the best and to flee together open air in the beauty of Rome. It seems that this year we need especially good wishes and our imagination empowered. The task was to realize a video less than a minute describing something peculiar in Rome about Christmas.
Picture of me while guiding a panoramic bike tour arriving at Trevi Fountain
This fall 2020 is gorgeous with golden lights and warmth, that kind of fall that is the best time to enjoy open air activities in Rome and the surroundings. On weekends all possible trails fill up with families riding and enjoying the beauty of the city. The bicycle tours became the most loved one for all the reason above. So I thought that also my usual guests coming from far away would love it too and since most of us cannot or are advised not to travel I made this...
Picture from Bomarzo Monsters park
August 10th, tenth day of our holidays in Tuscia and last one of our bicycle trip. Leaving Viterbo gave us the perception of its importance for the region, but we shortly got to one of the many jewels of Tuscia...
Picture from our Bike tour in Tuscania
Tuscania is one of the protagonist of my basic video being the place of our good lunch but especially, because of its grace and loveliness, having being the place of shooting of many movies of some of the greatest directors the history...
Picture from Tuscia Bike Tour
We arrived then in Piansano, a charming village which territory testifies the Etruscan presence with tombs and many archeological findings (among them two beautiful bronze mirrors). But the element that attract mostly our attention is the so-called...