Fall Tips

It’s a my favourite season in Rome: the light is literally golden and it strikes every object from a lower angle, the surroundings show a poetical range of colorful foliage, the air gets slowly cooler but the sun can still shine everyday. The best way to dress is absolutely as a onion and perhaps don’t forget a small pocket umbrella in any case, it supposed to be our rainy season even if some years we see the first rains in November. Sunsets and sunrise are spectacular in this season and you might want to enjoy a tour at this time .

Fall in rome

If you planned already your journey take a look at the weather broadcast before departing to have an idea what kind of clothes to bring with you. In this season   Rome is still crowded so you might want to plan everything ahead, especially October to enjoy the eternal city better. To have a good idea of the weather in Rome months in advance, you can look up a website like  this one . If it rains just plan to bring your best pocket umbrella that doesn’t get torn by the wind like the ones sold on the streets. The smallest  Knirps in the bag perhaps it’s a perfect solution when the weather is unpredictable. If you planned to ride a bike or a Vespa take a  good poncho  with you. The fall average temperature goes from 10° to 27° Celsius (50°-81° Fahrenheit ). The places to visit in the fall time? It depends really on the weather if you can still stay open air the whole day or not.

Here there are some good ideas for private tours with good weather: the  green tours or perhaps I a  bike tour  that aloud you to see more having fun and doing a healthy activity.    If you want to see one of our visitor’s  magnets,   Colosseum Vatican  and  Galleria Borghese , you have to book in advance to avoid stress or being left with no choice. But remember that Rome is full of wonderful museums which are very picturesque and don’t make you feel closed inside a grey boring building but they are a literary adventure inside Roman Thermal Baths, old styled palaces, monumental courtyards, secret gardens with romantic fountains and beautiful flowers. So if it rains a bit don’t worry: most of them are empty because the people are attracted by what is already known. In my museum tours for example I propose some of them for you as private service.