Quality food

Picture of pasta cacio e pepe
A glass of typical Roman red wine called Cesanese with ciambelline
picture of wild strawberries, typical of Nemi just outside Rome
A picture of a typical Roman dish with salted codfish

Everybody knows that Italian tradition is pretty serious when getting to food and wines. But most of the people, including Italians, forget that it’s culture too. It speaks to you about the region’s geographical aspects and its resources but especially of the inhabitants and their work. There is a whole tale behind each dish and product and don’t get scared: we pretend to eat an appetizer, first, second course, cheeses, dessert, and fruits only at marriages. Quality doesn’t mean quantity and as usual, often you get what you pay for but in a tourist city like Rome it can be difficult and there are, of course, also a lot of tourist traps. The first piece of advice I want to give you it’s to eat locally. Only if you eat truly local products and dishes you can consider your visit to the area culturally complete. There are a lot of places I can advise you depending on the area you’re staying at but the number one for the food of the province is  Enoteca Provincia Romana : only wines and products of Rome area, cooked following the tradition but with a creative touch that makes everything unique. It’s also a social project and it’s in a very central location too. 
If you would like to know more about our food traditions and history, to taste different dishes and drinks in a picturesque itinerary, you should enjoy my food and wine tour .

Fast and delicious

You might be in a rush even if you promised not to. Perhaps you have been enjoying too much the Barberini Gallery tour that you enjoyed an extra hour of with your own private guide but you have a bike tour, also today, to reach the romantic Appian Way . Don’t worry our tradition will rescue you anyway. Italians are not found of fast foods and even famous international chain had to close some of their shops facing the unmatched quality and creativity of our food. There is a way to eat something fast but with a long preparation, typical Italian and high quality is called Forno which means bakery and sells also crunchy slices of pizza among other food. The best one you can find downtown is absolutely  Antico Forno Roscioli  since 1872. The family has in the meantime opened also a pastry shop and a fashionable restaurant that serves only delicacy. Otherwise you can seat in a restaurant and order one of our Antipasti, they will be ready fast but cut fresh in the case of cheeses and cold cuts (called “salumi” in Italian) and fried on the spot in the case of “our fritti” (vegetable or fish). In this last case there are some food shop that manage to make fritti take-away like the historical Dar Filettaro (its speciality: Codfish fried).

The coolest desert

The coolest desert is ice cream, gelato in Italian, and Rome is full of good “gelaterias,” ice cream stands. Many ice-business pointed to the number of flavors to choose from – some investited in marketing and there are quoted by many guide book as the ones to go (don’t trust always them, it’s a business). I’m very picky when it comes to ice-creams and to increase the fat in the ice to make it creamer is not a trick I love. Good ice-cream needs high quality FRESH ingredients and time. Most of the ice-cream shops use powders instead of fresh ingredients (there are also high and low quality ones). There are only a few places that still fight against the mainstream and rush of our times being an example and giving back a real good ice-cream behind any marketing.  My advice in Rome is one above all:  Fior di Luna (Moon flower) . They use only special organic high quality ingredients: all absolutely fresh with a special and unique elaboration. It’s a small shop but what is behind is a long etical project. Let’s take care of it! If you are at the Pantheon and you’re a coffee lover go for an alternative: the best ice-coffee in town “granita di caffè” at  La casa della Tazza D’oro : thick fresh cream at the bottom, real Italian frozen coffee and thick fresh cream at the top… DELICIOUS!