How to book a private tour in Rome or/and surroundings with me works

get in touch with me

Write to me all details necessary, the wishes you have to make your private tour/tours unique in Rome or/and the surroundings (there is a form to help you out).

designing the tour

I give you all the possible options to fulfill your wishes and exceed your expectations. We will design together the best possible for you and your beloved.

finalizing the program

I will arrange and book all necessary extra services to make the tour or the tours unique as we planned.

enjoy the private tour

or tours that will make your journey with your beloved ones and your memories awesome as Rome.

To make everything easier and to maximize your comfort I offer many ways to pay your private tour/tours that you can combine .

One thing is the extra services and necessary expenses to make possible the customed tour ( i.e. tickets, bike rental, etc.) another thing is my fee as your private guide. 

-The first ones have to be refunded immediately.

-My fee can be paid on the tour day in person.

Payment methods

Use your favorite or combine your favorites to get your customized tour

Bank wire

Pay direct your private guide

You can wire the money from any bank account of your choice to mine

What can you pay with it?

-Refund of extra services

-My fee only if you decide to pay me in advance

Credit card

You can pay with your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

What can you pay with it?

-Refund of extra services (with a link)

-My fee thanks to my phone that will act as Pos


If you live in the € area you can download the App and get one of the smartest ways to pay.

What can you pay with it?

-Refund of extra services

-My fee

Smartphone or Cash

If your phone has NFC technology you can use it and if you prefer to pay cash you’re welcome but both methods are available only in person.

What can you pay with it?

-Extra services that can be paid on our tour/tours day

-My fee