Pasta alla Carbonara
This post is about how to enjoy Rome, appreciate its ingredients and its professionals and to support quality and beauty. Eating in Italy has being always a serious business… If you look around our main train station Termini and you see how many junk food businesses are filling the streets, you might doubt. Stop.
Go in front of the Pyramid of Caio Cestio erected in 19 B.C. with the fortune this priest made organizing public banquets and get your thoughts strait: you can seat at one of the benches of the Non-Catholics Cemetery and enjoy the view.
The beauty and the silence help the thoughts, refine the hearing, the sense of smell, the sight and even the taste. To enjoy a city like Rome is an art and as the lover studies the best way to get to the heart of his/her beloved one, we have to keep in mind some principles.
We have thousands of tourists that stroll quickly through a few famous places of the eternal city and are convinced they saw Rome.
To see Rome, you have to understand it, to make it yours, to love it.
Time is essential, which doesn’t mean you need a lot of time (I would be nice, but…). It’s you attitude about time that will make the difference.
For all these reasons above, I start my blog with the recipe of the Pasta alla Carbonara.
The simple acts of cooking this old traditional plate will be to us a metaphor, a symbol of how we should handle life in Rome.
You can call it the Carbonara Philosophy!
The Carbonara Recipe
The ingredients for two people as main dish: 80g cheek lard from Amatrice, 2 eggs + 2 egg yolks, 200g durum wheat pasta (I prefer spaghetti of Senatore Cappelli), 30g of Roman sheep cheese (in it. pecorino romano), black pepper q.s., salt q.s.
1. Put the water to boil. 2. Cut the cheek in small stripes around 1cm long. 3. Brown the stripes in a pan alone. 4. As the water cooks salt it and then add the spaghetti and turn as soon as possible. 5. Check on the package for the exact cooking time. 6. In a bowl put the eggs and the yolks with most of the sheep cheese, the toasted grounded pepper, salt q.s. 7. Whip the mixture with a fork and then slowly add and the browned cheek stripes with their fat. 8. As the pasta is ready drain it (keep always a bit of the cooking water on the side). 9. Now you can add it into the bowl and in case you can add a bit of cooking water to make the sauce more fluid. 10. Divide the pasta in the plates and decor with the remaining sheep cheese.


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  1. I absolutely love Carbonara and the time I was in Rome I made sure I tried it. It was delicious. Now it’s my father-in-law who cooks it for me knowing that I love it! Cool video!

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