Museum private Tours

In Rome there are hundreds of museums and art collections open to the public, there are some of the most famous worldwide, same are free entrance, some are also famous for their architectures, some were amazing rich residences of important families, some still are, some includes different buildings, stories and collections. So I can say that there is a museum for each one of you but I had to select six of them for the website limited space but I’m open to any proposition you might have.

Borghese Villa and gallery PRIVATE tour


Villa Borghese is one of the biggest parks in the center of Rome, famous for centuries for its panoramas and XIX century sceneries. Today the park is public like the art gallery in its heart but it was the fruit of the private and intimate desire of the cardinal Scipio Borghese. Who was this man to arrive to collect some of the most famous pieces of art of all times (Raphael, Caravaggio, Titian, Rubens, Correggio, Bernini, etc.)? Who could buy the extensive territory on Pincio hill whose fame for luxurious gardens dates back to 60 B.C.? Who could fancy, plane, and realize such a property with exotic animals, hunting fields, English secret gardens, monumental bird cages, etc.? Nothing better than a private tour of Borghese Villa and Gallery to discover all these secrets and passions.


Our tour will start in the luxurious, now public, gardens, wondering about, unveiling its treasures and the legends behind it, you will row on a lake under the shade of history. The Gallery building is original of XVII century with some remodeling through time and it’s a piece of art itself: its content is some of the most amazing sculptures and the paintings of art world history. A tour that it’s exciting, especially for romantic art lovers.


It’s a tour of min. 3 hours. The tickets cost 15€ per adult, 2€ per child up to 18 years of age, and 4€ per young visitor between 18 and 25 years of age. To buy or see updated prices of the art gallery click here (I need here to book my free entrance too because of the limited places). Almost all bags have to be left in a deposit room. There is a cafeteria under the museum. The Gallery is closed on Mondays  Please to know my fee for your tailored tour, click below and fill out the form, I will come back as soon as possible to you.

capitolinE museum PRIVATE TOUR – THE first public collection of the world


To step upon the special sweet stairs designed by Michelangelo and climb Roman Capitol with full awareness to meet a three-dimensional Marc Aurel, the Emperor-Philosopher, the She-Wolf with Romolo and Remus, the Capitoline Venus, and the terrifying Medusa by Gianlorenzo Bernini. We might also meet our mayor working inside the Palazzo Senatorio. The Capitoline museums proudly stand on the Capitoline Hill being the grounding stone of all public museums, created in 1471 thanks to a papal donation to the city. They hide from inappropriate eyes the rest of the Jupiter Temple, the most important temple in ancient Rome, and also the one of a darker and mysterious associate of his: Veiove. The Museums, composed of different buildings, have also an underground part with a reconstruction of a typical Roman street flanked by original gravestones of Ancient Roman citizens with their own inscriptions forming a Spoon River Anthology of antiquity.


The halls, rooms, courtyards, terraces, galleries, jewelry, and special collections with all the stories beyond them, including some recent European ones, make the visit beautiful, interesting, and charming like almost no other in the eternal city.

There will be a special great final admiring Rome from the Capitoline Hill where you can then enjoy a tea, a coffee, or an aperitif watching the eternal city from above in Italian style.


It’s a tour of min. 3 hours. The ticket price is 15€ per adult, 13€ reduced and we can buy them directly on the spot. The online official ticket shop keeps changing links, so I’ve to look for it if you prefer to purchase them online. This museum is open every day.  Please to know my fee for your tailored tour, click below and fill out the form, I will come back as soon as possible to you.

Villa farnesina and Botanical garden tour

Once upon a time, there was you in the Renaissance. Do you remember it? There was a first magic garden and special propriety, a place that offered you the most amazing sculpted bushes, sarcophagus-fountains, flowers, and fruits even from the new world a few years after it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Everything belonged to a kind of Wizard of Oz, probably the richest man of that time: he had his own private fleet shipping across the Mediterranean and was one of the few Christian merchants allowed to do business with the Orient; his agents were active in Constantinople, Antwerp, Cairo, Lion, and London. He erected in the middle of his propriety a villa for his true love: a beautiful young courtesan from Venice. Have you been invited to one of his legendary parties? You might have met here the mythical Raphael painting the sea-nymph, Galatea. There is a second magic garden, so beautiful that has the title today of the botanical garden and its story is tight to a woman and a queen where you can feel in harmony with time and nature hearing legends and amazing stories.

It’s a tour of min. 3 hours starting from 65€ per hour (no ticket price or other extra included). The ticket price is 10€+8€, it’s free up to 5 years of age and up to 18 years of age there are different reductions up to 50%. These places are owned by special institutions so a normal tour is available only in the morning but there is a luxury version of the tour with an exclusive opening on request Please to know my fee for your tailored tour, click below and fill out the form, I will come back as soon as possible to you.

Contemporary architecture and art tour featuring MAXXI museum

Particular attention deserves MAXXI- The National Museum of Arts of the XXI century was designed by the world-renowned Anglo-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, nicknamed by the Guardian “the queen of the curve” and the first woman recognized and awarded by some of the most prestigious world architecture institutions. It’s a center of documentation and promotion for contemporary art. This means also spectacular and innovative rooms for the future in order to provide events of a new type of art made of daring projects, avant-garde photos, and also controversial designs. The building was inaugurated in the year 2010 and was located in a context characterized by different types of contemporary buildings like the Auditorium by Renzo Piano, the Italian Space Agency by Massimiliano Fuksas, and the military pavilions of the ex barracks Montello. It configures itself like an urban campus open to the city. The collections of art display more than 400 pieces from late XX centuries worldwide artists to young ones but especially this section wants to be a meeting and creative propulsive point for the contemporary art now. Paintings, installations, video art, sculpture, net-art, and photography open the dialog between the 60s and today. The multiple architecture archives had made MAXXI the first Italian museum of architecture. The photography archives have more than 1000 works also commissioned by the institution to search and inquire the Italian contemporary society and its aspect. Because of all these aspects, MAXXI with its stories, lights, gamy expositions of the permanent collection, and inquiring about new expositions is a true art experience itself.

 It’s a tour of min. 3 hours. The ticket price is 15€ per adult and free for children up to 14 years of age. The museum is closed on Monday and it has a cafeteria on the first floor.  Please to know my fee for your tailored tour, click below and fill out the form, I will come back as soon as possible to you.