Bicycles in the center of Bagno Reggio

Reaching the Tiber river by bicycle in 2022 – Purification

August 06th, day zero of our holidays along the Tiber and the first one of our bicycle trip.
A first day of travel to reach the sources of the Tiber quite complicated. After the timely assurances of Proloco di Bagno di Romagna and the company in charge of public transport, Sulga, on bike transport we arrive in Rome Tiburtina to undertake the journey backward on the Tiber road. As soon as the driver sees us, he rolls his eyes and tells us he doesn’t know if he has room. In addition to having reported our presence with bikes on the phone we had also written it in the notes of the tickets purchased online, we knew that the bike ticket can only be purchased in presence. The brooms sector is the only one free for us but given its size we are force to disassemble quickly the bikes which causes the deforming of my luggage rack (connected with adaptors), camera support and the losing of some small components. It does not end here. We find out about a change in Perugia.

The crucial role of infrastructures in sustainable tourism

Luckily we are two and we can manage not to lose sight of the luggage, with tablets, gopro, macPro and various, of sight… In Bagno di Romagna we are unloaded in front of a stop but not on the sidewalk but on the roadside. Obviously the road is double way and narrow but we are able to quickly unload the bikes, now in pieces, without major stress for anyone. It is certainly more stressful to reassemble them attacked by mosquitoes while we were fixing the deformations caused by the adventurous journey.

After all, we arrived in Bagno di Romagna and the name of the city (i.e.Bath of Romagna) already promises waters, springs and spas as we immediately notice.
Unfortunately the post ends here due to my distraction and the fall of my phone without even six months of life immediately after our arrival… but the adventure has, also fortunately, an unpredictable nature. We have taken the challenge: tomorrow we will reach the springs.

To learm more about the Queen of the cycling Paths

Rlease click here: Regina Ciclarum, there you can find gps tracs devided into two seasons, because of the mud and floated tracs, advices, infos on how to get the Tiber Passport and more. There are no guided tours following this link and the informations are taken under your own reposnsability (into consideration that have been made by volunteers and they might not be updated). I can provide you a Tiber passport and stamp it for you with my logo, but we need to make an appointment.

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