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A photo of me looking at the Tiber River during our cycling holiday
Descending from the sources was incredible: the ancient mossy trees, the green, and shady scenes, the magnificent views beyond the peaks, the shades of heaven, clouds and stone that with typical sedimentary rocks, the marls, clear and often calve, which in the tortuous...
A panorama cycling to the Tiber River source in Balze
In the town we make a beer break and take advantage of the hunters' local bar for the second stamp of the Tiber passport is a must. This is of course not a document but a kind of booklet with...
Bicycles in the center of Bagno Reggio
Reaching the Tiber river by bicycle in 2022 – Purification August 06th, day zero of our […]
Ostia Antica Tour in the ancient Theater
A literary Ostia Antica Tour: a never-ending discovery of how the Romans lived, a pleasure for eyes and soul also for your imagination. Join the tour!
Bike tour along the tiber picture from a bridge
Our bike tour goes on the right bank of the blond Tiber where one of the major bike lanes of Rome runs from south northward across the heart
Giorgia at Janiculum hill for the christmas virtual tour
It's Christmas Eve, clouds come and go in the sky. We stay home and thanks to the request of my professional association I made a short video to wish you all the best and to flee together open air in the beauty of Rome. It seems that this year we need especially good wishes and our imagination empowered. The task was to realize a video less than a minute describing something peculiar in Rome about Christmas.