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Picture from the first day of our bike Tuscia Tour
I need the contact with nature to be frequent and as bare and immediate as possible. Open air activity brings me also back in touch with the nature inside me.
Picture to my blog post about quarantine
May 4th was the first day we could do individual sport in the whole province. Suddenly I was afraid to leave my home surroundings but I took the challenge as always: 8 km (ca. 5 miles) through my neighborhood around the most famous...
Picture for my post about the Rome V Guide Soundtrack
The outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy brought some heavy government dispositions, and we entered a very special quarantine where we cannot go out unless we need to buy food, drinks, tobaccos, newspapers and medicines and only around our home. We can also, in the region of Rome, Latium, do sport but only around
Carnival at Civita Castellana
Between the deep canyons of two tributaries of the Treja river, at the feet of the Cimini mountains, along the ancient Roman Flaminia road, upon a tuff spur you can come across Civita Castellana
Pasta alla Carbonara
Eating in Italy has being always a serious business... If you look around our main train station Termini and you see how many junk food businesses are filling the streets you might doubt. Stop.