Picture from the first day of our bike Tuscia Tour
I always loved bike tours and therefore slow holidays: they just more intense than anything else. Tuscia is a great region to ride: no spoilt by tourism and close to Rome. I’m a fan of sustainability. Nature is to me sacred and gives me back energy, new inspiration, true durable refreshment. Don’t make me wrong: I’m an urban soul. I love metropolis and their cultural diversity, their architectures, their contrast and yes, also their time-space chaos. I would never live in the countryside: I love theaters, movie clubs, the multiple choice of opera and jazz concerts, the chance of meeting anyone unexpected anytime, beside of course the uncountable art collections, museums and places of art and debate. But I need the contact with nature and countryside culture to be frequent and as bare and immediate as possible. Open air activity brings me also back in touch with the nature inside me.
As I was 21-years-old I became an addicted Tour-cycling freak. I love bikes in all its declinations, so I do offer Rome bike tours on regular basis and I try also to use it as much as possible for my urban movements. I don’t care about the value of the bike, in the last ten years the prices rarely correspond to the durability of the bike. Old good bikes are tougher, easier to fix on the way, reliable. And guess what? Sustainable! I prefer to spend my money on good food, good wines and nice places to sleep. This helps also the local economy of the places I’m visiting, supporting them and helping them to care more about beauty, nature, art and kindness. Moreover to invest in the humans and places I visit makes my experience deeper. I got back so much that I cannot possible explain the value of it. What I can do is to post some videos of my Tuscia bike tour this year, one video per day, to give you a pale idea of the beauty of this land, its people, its history.
Tuscia comes from Etruscans, a charming population that lived in the territories across Latium (Rome region), Umbria and Tuscany (lately seems they settled down also in Campania). Mostly today we refer as Tuscia the province of Viterbo. I planned 10 days by bike starting from Alviano. The regional train brought us directly with our bikes from Termini station in Rome to Alviano still on Tiber river. There is a natural oasi there that stretches for 900 hectares thanks to the river waters: we saw many birds flying above us and plane on them. This land is a dream for any cyclist because the streets are almost free from traffic, beautiful and rich in biodiversity. There are also a lot of archaeological sites, rural churches, small towns on the way that are very rewarding. The whole region of Latium is rich in fountains mostly with very cold source water for free: the real blue gold of our times. Enjoy the following video that resumes the first day of my Tuscia bicycle tour through this beautiful land from Alviano to Civitella D’agliano.

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