Spring Tips

It’s a wonderful season in Rome and the surroundings: poppies, dandelions and cornflowers are blowing, the air in early mornings and evenings is still chilly but the sun can warm everything up in an hour. The best way to dress is absolutely as a onion and perhaps don’t forget a small pocket umbrella in any case, that might still rain a bit, but that’s why the landscape is so green and the ground is so reach in waters. Even when the heat will start to be strong, you can refresh in the shadow with our  special water  or just wait for the sunset.

SPRING in rome

Especially from Easter on Rome is crowded and to enjoy you have to plan everything ahead. The earliest you start the better choice you get. To have a good idea of the weather in Rome months in advance, you can look up a website like  this one . If it rains just plan to bring your best pocket umbrella that doesn’t get torn by the wind like the ones sold on the streets. The smallest  Knirps in the bag perhaps it’s a perfect solution when the weather is unpredictable. If you plan to ride a bike or a Vespa take a  good poncho  with you. The spring average temperature goes from 8° to 28° Celsius (46°-83° Fahrenheit ).

The places to visit in springtime? If you come during the Easter holidays or afterward I would stay open air, there are some  green tours  I suggest or perhaps a  bike tour  (or e-bike tour) that allows you to see more having fun and doing a healthy activity. If you want to see one of our visitors’ magnets, like the  Colosseum Vatican , and  Galleria Borghese , you have to contact me at least 70 days in advance to secure the best tickets. But remember that Rome is full of fabulous museums which are very interesting and picturesque: Roman Thermal Baths, old-styled palaces, monumental courtyards, underground crypts, secret gardens with romantic fountains, and beautiful flowers. Go behind what is already known: I can also make open for you some exclusive places. Here is more about luxury private tours in Rome and its surroundings.