Summer Tips

The summer season in Rome is hot. If you come with the right clothing, light but covering, if you wear a hat and keep with you a thermic bottle, you will be as comfortable as a dolphin in the Mediterranean. Thanks to thousand of drinking fountains with freezing special water you can refresh yourself and keep healthy. Don’t forget that traditionally we are very dress-minded: there is a way to dress in the city and another to dress on the beach, one as you play football or ride for fun and another as you enter a museum or a restaurant.

SUMMER in rome

Summer is always sunny and hot in Rome. Some summers are characterized by daily thunderstorms but they are over in two hours refreshing the air. Short shorts are internationally very fashionable like armless t-shirts but there is just a slight difference in what can be found appropriate and what cannot on urban streets: these minimal clothing were our lingeries up to the 21st century. Nobody is going to complain or make fun of lightly dressed visitors, but if they try to enter a nice church, a famous chapel for its artworks, or an elegant restaurant, they might be stopped and denied entrance. Moreover, the skin should be protected from the sun and not only to avoid the boiled lobster effect… Technology has gone forward and some materials might keep you fresher and nicer than any cream.

 A few necessary objects to survive in Rome during summer are thermic bottles , these are Italian, light, and of a wonderful design and you can even personalize them. You can look for the H24Bottles shop close to Spanish Steps.

For what concern a hat we have an ancient hat-maker atelier just in the area close to the Vatican, only to enter that room is an experience itself. The summer average temperature goes from 17° to 31° Celsius (63°-88° Fahrenheit ).

In Summertime Rome is crowded, slightly less crowded in September. To enjoy the city at its best, you have to plan everything in advance. Contact me as soon as you can if you are planning  a private tour, especially if you want to visit some of the most famous places. The earliest you start the better choice you get. The places to visit in the summertime? You might want to book one of my refreshing  green tours  or perhaps a  bike tour  (and e-bike) that includes free air conditioning while moving and allows you to see more and have fun doing a healthy activity. If your attitude is against any type of sport, you might enjoy more a Golf Cart Tour. If you want to see one of our visitors’ magnets,  Colosseum Vatican , or  Galleria Borghese, to avoid stress or being left with little choice contact me at least 70 days prior to the tour. But remember that Rome is full of fabulous museums and open-air places which are unique, interesting and picturesque. You can check my special tours  or if you would like a luxury tour you can find here more about it.