Enjoy your choice as environmental friendly and social sustainable combined together.

What means environmental friendly and social sustainable in the world of tourism, in Rome, and with me as private guide.

Tourism is one of the most important and fastest growing industries worldwide. The worldwide booming travel activity has also serious consequences: often the interests of local communities in tourism are ignored, agencies based in tax havens will impoverish countries that offer a more expensive but safer social and health system, workers are employed on precarious conditions, the places become dirtier and worn. I take my personal and professional responsibility for it and I organize my life and my work to be environmentally and socially sustainable. Every day I use public transport or my bicycle as a means of transportation. My food and drink at home support local and organic companies, thanks to Zolle and Biolà .  I’m a proud supporter of small local art projects and researchers that offer courses off-season. I’m a promoter of bike tours and I avoid large group tours. My recommendations support local businesses that use local high quality products. Most of them are also social projects and I am one of their best customers myself. I pay the taxes in Rome and with it I support the art and cultural patrimony of the Eternal City and of the Italian peninsula. As my customer, you also support these world treasures, which are made of people, monuments, stories, works of art and traditions. Be proud of it!

Sustainable Sunset in Rome
Sustainable private tour by bike
Sustainable tour in Rome villa Borghese temple
Sustainable private tour in Rome with Giorgia
Rome sustainable view from Janiculum
Sustainable Guide in Rome