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Picture from Mezzano lake taken during our bike tour
After a dirty charming road brought us directly at the boundary streets of Gradoli that delivered us at the feet of the Farnese Castle, a town hall and a museum with that day a temporary exposition of paintings also by a charming lady that welcomed us with foreign accent just at...
Picture from our bike Tour third day and the Sasseto Wood
At the 27th km, 9.30 am, one hour before our meeting hour, we arrived in Torre Alfina, Ulysses with a fix return, Penelopes weaving always different stories...
Picture of our bikes in Bolsena
The entrance path brought us deep in the valley closed to the Rio Chiaro river and it is flanked with some art works that designed the way from the outside to the inside world. The gate was open since...
Picture from the first day of our bike Tuscia Tour
I need the contact with nature to be frequent and as bare and immediate as possible. Open air activity brings me also back in touch with the nature inside me.