Picture of me while guiding a panoramic bike tour arriving at Trevi Fountain
During those times bicycles became more popular in the eternal city. We are in a so-called yellow zone that means we have to wear masks everywhere except if you are isolated, doing sport, riding a bicycle, driving a scooter or at your home. It means also that all restaurants and bars have to close at 6pm and we have to be in our homes before 10pm (unless you have a good reason like a work or health one). The world understood that in those time the bicycle is the perfect mean of transportation, naturally keeping the social distance, being an open-air activity that improves the health and the time under the sun rays.
The city of Rome multiplied bike lanes, sometimes are temporary and met criticism but they are. We are allowed now to bring our bicycle anytime on the subway. The Italian state gave also contributions to anybody buying one up to 50% up to 500€. Even the Intercity trains started to have special coach to bring with you your own bicycle and up to 2021 will be for free.
This fall 2020 is gorgeous with golden lights and warmth, that kind of fall that is the best time to enjoy open air activities in Rome and the surroundings. On weekends all possible trails fill up with families riding and enjoying the beauty of the city. The bicycle tours became the most loved ones for all the reason above. So I thought that also my usual guests coming from far away would love it too and since most of us cannot or are advised not to travel I made this short video about a usual city center tour in Rome.
Here a poetry that I found and like it that somehow matches those days.
Rome owl
Owl is hunting in the night
darkness is its companion
flying on desert urban streets
takes advantage of isolation
Its friend winter shortens the daylight
The moon though reminds it the time to come
Light invisible carnivore by dusk body and yellow eyes
calls for victims creeping alone
hopes the darkness never finishes
since it masters the sky from here to the Colosseum
From Ostia to the hills echo its screeches
and the Ancient dead roll over their mausoleum
But the time will arrive and the sun will rise
the golden embrace will be warm and everywhere instill life.
Urania D.
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  1. Wow, that is amazing, and love that they are promoting people to use bikes, nice video as well. Lovely to see the beautiful city of Rome.Thanks for sharing!

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