Tour behavioral rules to prevent spreading of Covid- 19 Virus

Giorgia’s pandemic plan

updated on June 3rd, 2021
Puzzle of me, statues and animals with mask

Life in general in this
moment in Rome

At the moment we are slowly coming back to normal life. The population is doing its best to help and the vaccine is very popular: it doesn’t matter the name or where it came from. I was shot on June 24th with Johnson. We are free to circulate in Italy and Europe and our region is welcoming guests with free hotel nights to add to your holiday: . There is no night curfew anymore. We are officially in the so-called white zone. Gyms and sport halls are open with working lockers and showers. Shops, hair salons and beauty salons are also open and stadiums are allowed to seat part of their public. Theaters, cinemas, museums can open again but you should inform yourself on each single website because many are not ready to reopen fully. Anyway reservations are always advised and in some cases obligatory.

You might also contact me with a message on whatsapp if you have any doubt about the current situation.

What it means to join a tour in Rome now

In this moment we are allowed to guide tours open air and inside museums and art galleries. We are asked to wear the masks anyway to protect mouths and noses indoor. Restaurants and bars reopened fully and can host you also inside. In this moment private tours are the most advisable and on bicycle gives you total control and freedom of movement. The bicycle is always the best mean to visit the eternal city but now it has been also recognized as natural distancer. While riding is required to keep a distance of 2 m from anyone that is not sharing your homelife.

As soon as I get news about it I will share it here. 

A sign sticked to a wall in Trastevere in street art style wishing a miracle during the pandemic crise.
The writing on a Trastevere wall during the Covid19 crise says: “there should be a MIRACLE”.
Covid 19 and I

I work usually already only for private clients; in these last months I avoid moreover all kinds of mass tourism group. I never work for street collected clients to be sustainable and environmental friendly since I sincerely love Rome. Being specialized in private tours I thought wise not to improvise myself, because of the period, offering open tours to the citizens and entering in competition with the uncountable cultural associations of the Eternal city. I’m little exposed to the virus for family reasons; I receive organic food delivered home and I go out mainly for individual sport, walks and the private tours requested in these days of slow normalisation.

Giorgia Cadinu is an official guide with license, registered in the list of the Region Lazio, she has renew the license for the Vatican already for 2021; she got a master’s degree in foreign literature and cultures with historical orientation and a specialization on art history, semantics and lexicology. Her University degree thesis analyses a cultural historical impact of a foreign music genre. In the years 2014-2020 she made several specialization courses in Italy and abroad as a tour guide and in art history.