Tour behavioral rules to prevent spreading of Covid- 19 Virus

Giorgia’s pandemic plan

updated on February 3rd, 2020
Puzzle of me, statues and animals with mask

Life in general in this
moment in Rome

In these days you can sit again in all our restaurants and bars that offer seating areas and enjoy a meal but up to 6pm. Then it’s available only take away service or home delivery from restaurants until 10pm. Also from 6pm to 5am it’s forbidden to eat open air. Gyms and sport halls are closed, but you can practise individual sport, also in sport centers but it’s forbidden the use of their locker room. All shops are allowed to be open to 9pm and hair salons are also open. Shopping centers, or malls if you prefer, are open, but not on weekends.

What it means to join a tour in Rome now

In this moment we are requested by authorities to respect some tour behavioral rules to prevent spreading of Covid Virus. The region of Rome, Latium, is considered again a “yellow zone”. Tours are allowed and you can circulate within the region from 5am to 10pm. I would also strongly suggest you book a private tour only with people already sharing your everyday life. Let your guide suggest the itinerary and change it as you go to avoid assemblage.

At the moment all our museums and archeological sites are slowly reopening but only from monday to friday. The only exception is the Vatican that allows its museums to be open also on Saturdays. So please come back to this page to see the updates or write to me. As soon as I get the news, you’re interested in, I will share it. 

In any case we have to respect the following city tour rules:
  • above four people the use of whispering system is strongly advised and each instrument will be delivered sterilized by the Service;
  • the one-use-only earphones are available but I ask you to bring your own to avoid waste and help the environment ( bluetooth is no supported);
  • we supposed to disinfect our hands often, so ask me for my dispenser: it’s at your disposal;
  • I and each participant, above 6 years of age, must wear a mask;
  • we have always to remain at least one meter away from each other if we don’t share the same house;
  • All taxis and private cars with drivers can bring only people that share the same house, therefore is not possible for me to join you in a taxi, we can still rent a small bus that is sanitized according to the best sanitary standards and allows us to keep the required distance between us and also the driver;
  • Bicycle tours are strongly advised as the bike works as natural social distancer and the tours are open air (during sportive activity you’re not obliged to wear masks but to keep a social distance of 2m from others);
  • All tours have to be reserved in advance and I have to keep your data available to the authorities for sanitary purposes for 20 days.
Covid 19 and I

I work usually already only for privates; in this moment I avoid moreover all kinds of mass tourism group or street collected clients (which I also usually avoid to be sustainable and environmental friendly), I didn’t propose any tour open to the public on a fixed date to avoid group contacts, colleagues criticism and situations that might go behind my control. I’m little exposed to the virus for family reasons; I receive organic food delivered home and I go out mainly for individual sport, walks and the rare private tours requested in these difficult days of strict rules.

Giorgia Cadinu is an official guide with license, registered in the list of the Region Lazio, she has renew the license for the Vatican already for 2021; she got a master’s degree in foreign literature and cultures with historical orientation and a specialization on art history, semantics and lexicology. Her University degree thesis analyses a cultural historical impact of a foreign music genre. In the years 2014-2020 she made several specialization courses in Italy and abroad as a tour guide and in art history.