Tour behavioral rules to prevent spreading of Covid- 19 Virus

Giorgia’s pandemic plan

updated on March 29th, 2022
Puzzle of me, statues and animals with mask

Life in general in this
moment in Rome

From March 1st there is no obligation of a negative swab result on departure for all arrivals from EU countries. You can find at the following link all updated measures for  EU and non-EU countries .

The population did its best to help and the vaccine is very popular: it doesn’t matter the name or where it came from, our region reached 86,12% of fully vaccinated and 67,88% of boosterized on March 28th ( full and updated report ). Bring an Ffp2 mask always with you just in case.

We are now shocked like all peaceful people about the war at the European doors and this is widening our gap with the political class that is 100% pro-Nato. On one side we admire the courage of the Ukraine people that go back to their country to fight, on the other we have no doubt we would leave everything we have to avoid war. In spite of this new situation and the dramatic lack of diplomatic skills of today’s politicians, there are no actual changes in our everyday life.

You might also contact me with a message on Whatsapp if you have any doubt about the current situation.

What it means to join a tour in Rome now

Italy declared the Pandemic end date: March, 31st, 2022. In the region Lazio we’re back completely to our normal life. Burocreacy is still catching up. So sometimes reservations are still mandatory and anyway planning in advance avoids bad surprises in a capital with some seesights overcrowed. All our museums, archaeological areas, and art galleries are now open making the choice incredibly rich and personal.

I advise always private tours and unusual itineraries to avoid mass tourism and enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world in a unique and personal way. Moreover, I have got a green heart, so I can give you unforgettable tours of Rome by bicycle.

 Covid pass* and Fp2-masks are still mandatory inside public transportation, cinemas, restaurants, bars, stadiums, and theaters. While to enter shops, public offices, hotels, museums, art galleries, archeological areas, and to seat outside in restaurants and bars you can wear a surgical mask and you don’t need to show a covid pass anymore.

Please note that to visit the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel, and San Peter basilica, you still need an Fp2-masks and a Covid certification* since you’re outside Italy.

In any case, you should either contact me for any doubt or inform yourself on the official websites before arriving at the eternal city.

*The last vaccine or recovery certification doesn’t have to be older than 6 months but the booster dose, people under 12 years of age are exempted while those under 6 are also mask exempted.

A sign sticked to a wall in Trastevere in street art style wishing a miracle during the pandemic crise.
The writing on a Trastevere wall during the Covid19 crise says: “there should be a MIRACLE”.
Covid 19 and I

I work usually only for private clients; I do some rare exceptions for travel companies I had a years-long trust relationship. I never work for street collected clients to be  sustainable and environmental friendly  since I sincerely love Rome. Being specialized in private tours I thought it would be not wise to improvise myself, because of the period, offering open tours to my citizens and entering in competition with the uncountable cultural associations of the Eternal city. I’m little exposed to the virus for family reasons; I receive organic food delivered home and I go out mainly for art visits on my own or with colleagues, individual sports, and the private tours requested these days. I was shot on June 24th with Johnson and I got a booster dose of Pfizer on December 24th. Every time, I learned I got in contact with someone positive, I got tested to offer me first, then you and my surroundings, serenity, professionality, and safety. Besizes I always invested a lot in my health eating good food, drinking well and mooving as much as I can and I paid back.

Giorgia Cadinu is an official guide with license, registered in the list of the Region Lazio, she has renew the license for the Vatican already for 2022; she got a master’s degree in foreign literature and cultures with historical orientation and a specialization on art history, semantics and lexicology. Her University degree thesis analyses a cultural historical impact of a foreign music genre. In the years 2014-2021 she made several specialization courses in Italy and abroad as a tour guide and in art history.