Treasure or scavenger hunt?

to my tips to organise a treasure hunt in Rome
Picture of the original pavement of Appia Antica i.e. Ancient Appia to enjoy during a green tour

Rome is a city rich in materials of all kinds from the local tuff, a stone of volcanic origin, the travertine that you can admire in the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, to the porphyry, luxurious marble from Egypt that the emperors had the exclusivity of. I give you an example but find your own, its story, its origin, the centuries that saw more of its use, what kind of building was used for, and if it’s possible to use it for something else that it’s not a construction or a decoration. Then begin the hunt and find it everywhere you can in Rome. It will tell you a special story, a story that you contributed to write. Get inspired!

You can also book a City Center scavenger hunt Tour that’s one of my best!

Travertine stone

Travertine is everywhere in Rome and it was used already in ancient times! If you don’t want to look for information about a special material you like, you can start with travertine: but it’s going to be a busy day, full of valuable prey. Get prepared! Travertine is a terrestrial sedimentary rock, formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals from solution in ground and surface waters, or geothermally heated hot springs. It has many colors from the bright creamy white of the San Peter Square columns to rustier shades. The name comes from Tibur, a romantic town today called Tivoli, on a cliff with waterfalls, where the travertine came from  on the Anio River, easy, cheap, and effective for centuries.