Winter Tips

The truth is that it can rain a lot but if the sun shines is warm and comfortable, sometimes you can even go around with a T-shirt. Moreover German-speaking people say that there is no bad weather but bad clothes. It’s a question of organizing ourselves and the rain can be romantic and adventurous. It snows very seldom here, so when it does schools and offices close down and the people play around happy as children. The advantage of this season is that you can go everywhere and enjoy the city without crowds but I warn you if that it’s your aim: avoid also Christmas holiday up to the 5th of January and weekends. The month in which you can find Rome emptiest of tourists is February.

Winter in rome

I would first look up the weather broadcast. If you live in Europe you can also decide at the very last minute. In winter is more likely you find me free also if you book a few days ahead. Otherwise, you can look up a website like this one , where you can find the average weather for each month. But if it rains just plan to bring your best pocket umbrella. Most of the hotel offers only big ones that are not allowed in some of our Museums. A good one is for life and it doesn’t get torn by the wind like the ones sold by the street vendors. I have different the best two are: the smallest Knirps from Germany and a more serious one from England Fulton. You could also think about a poncho especially if you would love to ride a bike or a Vespa or if it’s windy. The winter average temperature goes from 3° to 15° Celsius (37°-59° Fahrenheit ) and you can easily enjoy any open-air activity.

The places to visit in winter time? I would wait to see the weather, considering that reservations might be necessary only during the Christmas holidays and mainly only for the   Colosseum , Vatican , and Galleria Borghese . Rome is full of legendary fabulous museums which are very theatrical and don’t give you the impression of being closed inside a dusty boring building. Some are inside ancient Roman Thermal Baths, others inside the old style residential palaces with courtyards surrounded by multiple-storey loggia, gardens, and fountains and we have even one inside a power station of 1912. Otherwise, if the sun pops up you might enjoy the warm air and the golden clear light in one of our urban historical parks with busts, decorated temples, and monumental fountains or stroll in the most famous streets and squares. In any case, rain or sunshine, Sistine Chapel , Colosseum , biking along the Appian Way , or walking around Piazza Navona and Trevi fountain , you will find me happy and proud to show you around the eternal cities without the crowds.